A sound solution for Melbourne’s Neapoli Cafe

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22 November 2012
A sound solution for Melbourne’s Neapoli Cafe
Reapor panel being installed as a ceiling liner.

The owners of Neapoli Café in Melbourne wanted to create a venue that was different. A place where customers come back often, and bring their friends.

Having found a great location, the owners could see noise was likely to be a problem. The construction materials were predominantly glass and concrete; materials that cause sound to bounce around and make a space ‘noisy’. This venue was a typical example of where sound absorption needed to be introduced, whilst keeping the raw rustic look that the owners wanted.

Pyrotek estimated that, if the space was left untreated, the Reverberation Time would be a very lively 2.9 seconds which is roughly three times more than the Australian Standard’s recommended reverberation time for restaurants. This could be significantly reduced by installing soundproofing products.

Developing a Solution
Reapor Sound Absorber is specifically designed to absorb noise energy and reduce reverberation. It is made primarily from recycled glass, is non-combustible and does not break down over time. The panels are easily fitted and can be cut and shaped with standard woodworking tools. The Reapor panels were installed as a ceiling liner and along one side wall. They maintained the industrial look the owners wanted, but can be finished in a number of ways.

After installing as little as 70m2 of panels, the Reverberation Time averaged at a very comfortable 0.43 seconds; a dramatic improvement, which meant that patrons no longer need to raise their voices.

The owners were amazed with the results. Patrons comment how pleasant the place is, often comparing the low noise level with other venues. Neapoli Restaurant has become the venue they wanted; a place with minimal sound disturbance, where friends can relax and easily hear their own conversations and enjoy themselves for many hours.

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