A solid support

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30 July 2010
A solid support

The two common forms of floor construction in home building are concrete slab-on ground and stumps or piers for suspended floors. When choosing the appropriate system, the slope of the building site, the type of soil or foundation material, the cost, and the ease of construction all need to be considered.

More and more builders wanting a quick and simple pier system are choosing the all steel Uni-Pier rather than bricks, concrete or timber stumps.

For more than 20 years, Uni-Pier has become the pier of choice for a growing number of house builders, designers and renovators.

Uni-Pier is fully engineered to meet normal residential applications and complies with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards. The BCA has minimum requirements for structural steel stumps or piers and Uni-Pier is fully compliant in all aspects including its hot dip galvanised finish for protection against corrosion as well as meeting the code’s requirements for termite ingression.

Uni-Piers are a two part system comprising a head and post (see diagram) and are available in Builders Grade (65x65 posts) and Heavy Grade (75x75 posts) and come in stock sizes from 200mm to 5000mm in increments of 200mm with head adjustments up to 200mm.

Other features unique to Uni-Pier are its integrated ant cap and a fin plate ready to secure the bearer. These are part of the head’s design.

The key to Uni-Piers growing popularity with builders is its simplicity and ease of use. Uni-Piers allow for flexibility on site and are much faster to install than other types of piers or stumps.

Uni-Piers are suitable for all building sites, especially sloping sites, where they can save huge amounts of installation time and cost and achieve easy and accurate floor levelling.

They also provide superior hold down strength in “high wind” areas.

Uni-Pier Australia Pty Ltd

Uni-Pier Australia manufactures supports for bearer and joist flooring systems, replacing brick piers, stumps and steel posts.

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