A PIR board that looks like concrete

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20 March 2014
A PIR board that looks like concrete
You really can't beat a PIR board that mimics the look and feel of concrete!

Composite Global Solutions would like to introduce you to their latest PIR product, Durasheath-3 – designed specifically to be used in car park applications where foil-faced PIR and PN boards are typically specified to satisfy BCA Section J requirements.

Setting Durasheath-3 apart from the competition is its unique inorganic polymer coated matte-glass facer that gives the impression of a concrete ceiling when installed.

So why would you choose Durasheath-3 over the competition? Firstly, from a purely aesthetic point of view, it means that car parks no longer have to be left with the sterile glare given off by logo-laden foil faced PIR boards.

Secondly, Durasheath-3 boards are far more durable than their foil faced counterparts, thanks to their unique fibreglass facer. This results in decreased maintenance costs and increased longevity of your car parks. Furthermore, taping of joints is not required, meaning less time is required for installation.

At Composite Global Solutions, they simply believe that their new Durasheath-3 is the superior insulation for use in car park applications – you really can't beat a PIR board that mimics the look and feel of concrete! If you would like to see for yourself, contact CSG now and they'll send out a sample, or follow the link to read more about Durasheath-3.

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