A day in Acrylic Glamour at Magic Millions VIP on the Gold Coast

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11 March 2014
A day in Acrylic Glamour at Magic Millions VIP on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is home to one of the world's most innovative and successful thoroughbred horse sales companies, Magic Millions Sales.

EuroMir® Pink, Gold and Anthracite Acrylic Mirror panels were cut to specifications by Allplastics Engineering in Sydney to provide a stunning effect for the Magic Millions VIP evening on the Gold Coast.

Kat & Co, who brilliantly handled the creative design, is a special events company working with a diverse client list in the luxury, fashion, corporate, and arts industries. Based in Sydney and working worldwide, Kat & Co specializes in captivating, one of kind events such as Magic Millions VIP.

In the summer, Magic Millions hosts one of the greatest international yearly auctions in the world, along with exciting racing carnivals. These events reunite enthusiasts and passionate buyers in what many consider a magic place: an exciting mix of Riviera vibe and Las Vegas glitz mixed with the unique feel of a hot Australian summer.

Acrylic Mirror allows glamorous and colourful indoor decorations just like glass, but unlike the latter it is safer, lighter, easier to handle, and much more economic.

Key Features

• Easier and safer to handle than glass
• Excellent shatter resistance
• Tough back coating
• Lightweight material
• Reflective properties second to no other


• Child care centres
• Dance studio walls
• Food service applications
• Decorative panels for venues such as nightclubs and casinos
• Visual merchandising and shop fit outs
• Special events requiring a touch of class

EuroMir® comes in 15 different colours and various thicknesses, 3 mm Sheets in 3 m x 2 m are available in stock in most colours.

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