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30 October 2012

The Laminex Group Design Director, Neil Sookee, outlines four trends that will be leasing a new life into living spaces.

Trend 1: Super Natural

Super Natural is all about taking cues from nature to add depth and dimension to an interior. Decorative surfaces are textured, pared back and raw to mimic the natural look and feel of woodgrains and stone. The brand new Laminex® Impressions™ textured surfaces range brings Super Natural to life by evoking the tactile experience of natural materials.

Trend 2: Colour Splash

Related to colour blocking, where large areas of contrasting chromatic colour are used side by side, Colour Splash uses a small area of contrasting colour set against a neutral expanse. Strongly chromatic and vivid colours are often used as the Colour Splash highlight.

Trend 3: Alfresco Living

With the line between interiors and exteriors blurring, Alfresco Living is more than having an outdoor table and chairs, it’s a trend that creates an integrated space between indoors and outdoors.

Trend 4: Warming Grey

In the world of fashion, grey teams well with other colours – why should it therefore not for interiors? In the major northern hemisphere furniture fairs over the last year, we have seen grey combined with other colours and materials as a consistent style treatment. Grey can be combined with natural woods or organic based colours like yellow-greens, oranges and reds for more vibrant effect.

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