126 year old Vinegar factory given a new life by Raven

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18 May 2016
126 year old Vinegar factory given a new life by Raven
126 year old Vinegar factory given a new life by Raven.
When ONE20 Architects Director, Adrian Light came across the old Skipping Girl Vinegar factory in Northcote, Victoria, he had a dream but knew there would be a number of challenges. All that remained was a brick shell. Adrian’s vision was to transform the building into a four storey home and office premises with sustainability a key aspect of the project.

With any circa 1890 building that is left with rattling timber doors and misaligned windows, weatherproofing and acoustic sealing to NCC regulation was always going to be a challenge.

When it came to the complex task of sealing the various doors and windows, Adrian turned to a trusted supplier, Raven, to consult with them on weather, energy and acoustic sealing. “Being located on a busy Melbourne laneway meant acoustic, as well as thermal comfort, was an important consideration,” said Adrian.

Raven produce Australia’s most comprehensive and innovative range of door and window seals so Adrian knew he would get the best products and service for his project. Raven’s leading range is backed by unequalled industry knowledge and certified testing; so Adrian was confident knowing his project would meet the various building standards and codes.

The vinegar factory’s old steel doors and window frames were bent back into shape, painted and glazed. Some windows were turned 90 degrees to become doors and the old mesh sills re-purposed to become tilting timber vents. “One of the best things about using Raven products was their depth of range. With such particular needs, I was able to find various profiles that were suitable or could be adapted whilst maintaining performance and compliance” Adrian said. “Over the years, I have come to rely on specifying Raven in my architectural business which made their products an easy choice for my home and architectural practice.”

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