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Toro Badjo arm chair
Toro Badjo arm chair
Toro Badjo arm chair Toro Badjo arm chairToro Badjo arm chair Toro Badjo arm chair

The Badjo arm chair continues the wide angled stance and taut aesthetic synonymous with the Toro collection in a generous lounge chair variant. Badjo communicates the richness of solid timber complemented by the luxury of leather, distinguished by the leather side panels which start underneath the frame and wrap around the arms in one continuous panel.

The side and back panels are always leather, creating an interesting contrast effect when seat and back cushions are upholstered in a select fabric range.

Sustainability attributes
AS/NZS 4801:2001 certified. AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 certified. AS/NZS ISO 9001/2001 certified.

Office locations

Head office


Level 1, The Strand Building

125 The Strand

Parnell, Auckland, 1010

Tel: 09 377 0760

Fax: 09 377 0765


9 Tory Street


Tel: 04 801 9696

Fax: 04 801 9393

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