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Thermagenius heat pump water heating system

The Thermagenius heat pump water heating system from LEAP is a solution to residential water heating issues. Thermagenius extracts renewable energy stored in the air to heat water, reducing energy bills by up to 60% and putting less strain on the environment.

Thermagenius is not weather dependent and operates throughout the year. They can be installed into new or existing homes, and are cheap to run and quiet.

LEAP can now offer an indoor and outdoor solution in their Thermagenius Integrated unit. The integrated units contain both a hot water cylinder and a Heat Pump water heating unit and can replace either an existing hot water cylinder or provide a conversion from gas.

Thermagenius units are also available in split systems to connect to existing HWC’s and Multifunction units to provide power to hydronic heating systems.

Sustainability attributes
Reduces energy consumption.

Office locations

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Leap Australasia

PO Box 38159

133 Gracefield Road

Seaview, Lower Hutt, 5045

Tel: 0800 246 810

Fax: 04 568 9423

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