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Boxcap silk white
Boxcover silk white
Boxcap terra black
Boxcover terra black
Boxcap stainless steel
Boxcover stainless steel
Silk white Boxcover carrara marble
Silk white Boxcover Nero Assoluto
Terra black Boxcover with leather design element insert
Stainless steel Boxcover perspex black
Boxcap silk white Boxcap silk whiteBoxcover silk white Boxcover silk whiteBoxcap terra black Boxcap terra blackBoxcover terra black Boxcover terra blackBoxcap stainless steel Boxcap stainless steelBoxcover stainless steel Boxcover stainless steelSilk white Boxcover carrara marble Silk white Boxcover carrara marbleSilk white Boxcover Nero Assoluto Silk white Boxcover Nero Assoluto

Tandembox intivo offers new, versatile design and differentiation opportunities for pull-outs.

It creates a simple and uniform appearance when used in combination with Boxcap, a matched add-on element for the drawer side. Alternatively, creative accents can be achieved by using Boxcover, in combination with materials.

High sides allow the option of inserting ones own design element to the profile; these can be made from almost any material, enabling countless possibilities for free-thinking design or co-ordination with kitchen decor.

Tandembox Intivo can be personalised to suit individual taste. Wood, glass, leather or a full steel side in terra black, silk white or stainless steel can be used.

Due to the Blumotion, drawers close softly and silently with complete ease. Handless fronts are made simple by the use of Servo-Drive. Drawers open automatically with just a touch of the drawer front.

This unique feature is based on an electrical drive that, once activated, opens the drawer. With Servo-Drive even if the hands are full, users can still open the drawer by the nudge of knee, toe or hip.

Blum’s entire range of innovative kitchen hardware, including the Tandembox Intivo drawer can be viewed at Blum's Christchurch or Auckland showroom.

Both showrooms offer facilities especially designed to benefit joiners, architects, designers and the end user.

To see the Tandembox intivo pull-outs used in the Boatsheds project on ArchitectureNow, click here.

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