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Nori table
Nori table
Clean lines, sharp styling
Clean lines, sharp styling
Nori table
Nori table Nori tableNori table Nori tableClean lines, sharp styling Clean lines, sharp stylingClean lines, sharp styling Clean lines, sharp stylingNori table Nori table

The Nori table is designed by Bartoli Design for Kristalia.

With their sharp and aggressive lines, Nori legs, in anodized or lacquered aluminium, add distinct appeal to interiors and for observers.

The top is extremely slim and light, but also highly resistant, because of the materials used: Alucompact® laminate, a honeycomb structure in natural oak veneer with wengè or grey finish, back-painted glass and Alucompact® extensions.

The structure and top are available in a range of combinations.

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Parnell, Auckland, 1151

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Fax: 09 309 0330

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