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Temporary edge protection and stair access solutions

This new Steel Mesh Barrier based system (above) is the only edge protection system available in New Zealand that is compliant with the world’s specific edge protection standard, EN13374 (classes A & B). It is also AS/NZS 4994.1 approved.

The mesh panels, which have integral toe-boards, provide full debris containment and the system has been independently laboratory tested with impact-absorption data/loadings and ratings available.

Fixings are available to secure to parapets, slabs, ‘I’ beams and numerous others configurations either inside or outside of the building envelope.

Also available is the new Site Stairway, (above and right), which eliminates the need for ladders as a means of temporary access between levels; increasing productively and ending the dangerous practice of carrying tools up and down ladders.

The Site Stairway has been designed and tested to meet the access performance requirements within the European Standard EN 12811 as well as AS/NZS 1576.1.

Stairways are available in a number of lengths with each adjusting through a different range of vertical rise and incline angles. Stairways install in minutes, pack down to store flat, and can be joined together – increasing plant utilisation and flexibility. For more information, please circle the Info-Link number below.

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