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Magnetic base coating
Magnetic Magic - Magnetic base coating
Magnetic base coating Magnetic base coatingMagnetic Magic - Magnetic base coating Magnetic Magic - Magnetic base coating

Resene has a magnetic base coating to allow customers to turn their walls into magnetic boards suitable for use with a wide range of magnets. With double the "attraction" of existing magnetic coatings, this magnetic coating is loaded with iron oxides for maximum magnetic effect.

Good old fridge magnets can be stuck onto the new magnetic finish with ease, a feat that is not so easy with the less magnetic finishes that have been available previously.

It's easy to turn any surface into a magnetic masterpiece. Prepare and prime the surface. Apply Resene Magnetic Magic in two smooth coats by brush, hi-solids roller or spray. While it can be applied in one coat, it may be difficult to apply a sufficiently thick coating with a single application. Roller application will result in a slight orange peel effect. The smoother the finish and the thicker the application, the stronger the magnetic effect will be.

To avoid visible coating thickness differences between magnetic and non-magnetic areas, it is recommended that a complete wall or area be coated or that the edge of the magnetic area be decorated or framed to clearly delineate the available magnetic area.

Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel is the recommended topcoat for maximum durability and a choice of over 1500 Resene colours is available. Resene Magnetic Magic is designed to be overcoated and may become damaged if used as a magnetic board without topcoat protection.

Resene Magnetic Magic is ideal for use in interior areas where a magnetic area is required to affix magnets. The inclusion of iron oxides means that the product is extremely heavy for its volume, so all products are packed into a 1L can size for ease of handling.

Resene Magnetic Magic is available exclusively from Resene ColorShops and resellers.

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