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LINAK LA35 actuator
LA35 actuator with linear movement
LA35 and LA36 are available with MODBUS technology
LINAK LA35 actuator LINAK LA35 actuatorLA35 actuator with linear movement LA35 actuator with linear movementLA35 and LA36 are available with MODBUS technology LA35 and LA36 are available with MODBUS technology

The LA35 is a member of the TECHLINE® family. It is characterised by its robust design allowing the actuator to be used in harsh conditions. This actuator is ideal for mobile “off-highway” equipment such as agricultural machinery, forestry and construction machinery. It is a very quiet and powerful actuator designed for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.

The LA35 is also available with embedded MODBUS developed especially for solar tracking systems. It has a maximum thrust of 6,000 N in push application and maximum thrust of 4,000 N in pull application, and a maximum speed of 19 mm/s.

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