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Kayt table
Kayt table
Kayt table
Kayt table Kayt tableKayt table Kayt tableKayt table Kayt table

Kayt’s distinctive lines and leg detail allows a common language to be applied to a range of compatible elements. Kayt’s contemporary, flexible form allows the collection to be incorporated into numerous spaces including offices, breakout areas, boardrooms and reception areas. With its elegant style, Kayt is also suitable for residential applications.

It is available in American oak veneer and compact laminate.

Sustainability attributes
GECA rated.

Office locations

Head office


Level 1, The Strand Building

125 The Strand

Parnell, Auckland, 1010

Tel: 09 377 0760

Fax: 09 377 0765


9 Tory Street


Tel: 04 801 9696

Fax: 04 801 9393

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