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No visible guiding components in the passageway

Hafele-Hawa is a glass hardware system. HAWA Telescopic 80/G is the glass sliding door, twice as wide as the recess in which it is hidden.

This hardware system is for simultaneous sliding of two allglass sliding doors weighing up to 80 kgs (176 lbs.)

HAWA-Telescopic 80/G is a space-saving hardware system with telescope technology for simultaneously sliding two glass doors.

The sliding glass doors move continuously and simultaneously into the open or closed position due to a toothed belt without the noise of colliding door stoppers.

A glass suspension and retainer profile in a neutral, unadorned and linear design is a convincing solution in more ways than one. Its design blends aesthetically into any environment, and its formfitting glass retainer system guarantees constant safety even under heavy use.

Office locations

Head office

Hafele New Zealand

PO Box 58542

East Tamaki, Auckland, 2141

Tel: 09 274 2040

Fax: 09 274 2041

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