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The Escea ST range of fuel-efficient fires add more than just heat.
The Escea ST range of fuel-efficient fires add more than just heat.

The Escea ST range of gas fires are designed for rooms that require a strong visual feature but do not require a large heat output. Incredibly fuel efficient, these fires use approximately 1/3 of the gas of a similar sized open-fronted gas fire. While these fires are great for heating individual rooms or small apartments they are also perfect in larger areas for putting back the ambience and cosiness that is often lacking when using a heat pump or under floor heating.

As these fires have a direct vent flue system the flue can be run horizontally and/or to be terminated on a wall. This feature coupled with the small cavity dimensions allows a high level of flexibility with installation.

The ST fires come in a landscape and portrait format and are available in stainless steel or a range of powder coated colours. Pictured here is the ST500 Portrait with fireplace stainless steel fascia.

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