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Clean up safely with EnviroWash
EnviroWash system
Clean up safely with EnviroWash Clean up safely with EnviroWashEnviroWash system EnviroWash system

EnviroWash is a portable wastewater treatment system designed for trade professionals such as painters, tillers, bricklayers and plasterers.

EnviroWash collects contaminated water from paint brushes, rollers, tins and containers during washing out. Its wash system converts waterborne paint washings into clear water and solid waste, allowing for easier and safer disposal.

The Dulux EnviroWash system is efficient and fast. It can separate solids from 160 litres of water in just 20 minutes. It can handle up to 800 litres of water and every type of acrylic paint in New Zealand.

Sustainability attributes
Reduces water consumption. Reduces waste or pollution.

Office locations

Head office

Dulux New Zealand

Private Bag 99928

Newmarket, Auckland

Tel: 0800 800 424

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