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Enka-Vent Enka-VentEnka-Vent Enka-VentEnka-Vent Enka-Vent

Maccaferri's Enka-Vent is a flexible three-dimensional matting produced from polyamide monofilaments, welded together where they cross to form a tough, open venting structure having less than 95% void space.

Enka-Vent, installed between the waterproofing underlay and the roof sheathing, functions as an expansion and ventilation layer. It allows the transmission and evaporation of penetrated moisture and condensation. Enka-Vent can also minimise capillary water action between the underlay and metal sheathing.

The layers function as an "anti-noise layer" considerably reducing the drumming noise of rain falling on metal sheathing.

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