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Easiclean interlocker
Easiclean top hung
Easiclean flush sill
Easiclean sliding door corner
Easiclean sliding door
Easiclean interlocker Easiclean interlockerEasiclean top hung Easiclean top hungEasiclean flush sill Easiclean flush sillEasiclean sliding door corner Easiclean sliding door cornerEasiclean sliding door Easiclean sliding door

The Easiclean slider offers low profile exterior frames profiling a clean look with no dirt traps. Multiple configuration options are available including a single slider, stacking slider. Other options include a bottom rolling system or a top rolling system, both allowing clear drainage paths at the sill.

Due to the external mounting of the sliding panels, the effect of wind pressure ensures watertight seals allow water to drain and aid in the unobstructed sill. When closed, the Easiclean slider utilises an anti-lift mechanism making it virtually impossible to pry the panel away from its track.

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