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State-of-the-art rangehoods from Elica
Twin Platinum rangehood by Elica
Elica rangehood remote control
State-of-the-art rangehoods from Elica
Elica Platinum dimensions
Twin Platinum rangehoods by Elica
State-of-the-art rangehoods from Elica State-of-the-art rangehoods from ElicaTwin Platinum rangehood by Elica Twin Platinum rangehood by ElicaElica rangehood remote control Elica rangehood remote controlState-of-the-art rangehoods from Elica State-of-the-art rangehoods from ElicaElica Platinum dimensions Elica Platinum dimensionsTwin Platinum rangehoods by Elica Twin Platinum rangehoods by Elica

The cooker hood, originally designed to capture cooking fumes and eliminate unpleasant odours and humidity from the living area, today bathes the cooktop with quality illumination, offering a clear view of food and cooking activity; acoustically negligible, it has become a decorative object that creates a real sense of identity.

Elica cooker hoods cleanse the air, embodying the true spirit of a home.

Elica cooker hood is in stainless steel and has 3 speed illuminated 'Magic Wand' touch button sensor + boost. It has 1 x 40w halogen lamp + 3 x 40w lamps. Elica cooker hoods also features a metal washable grease filters and a long life type F00433/1 washable odour filters included. Its 51cm wide with maximum airflow to 400 m³/h and has IEC airflow 360 m³/h and 42-62 dB(A). Its ceiling or wall mounted ‘Evolution’ system and includes wall mounting kit with optional remote control unit available and optional 2.5m or 5m extension cables available.

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