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Ecoline blinds by HELLA
Ecoline blinds by HELLA
Ecoline blinds by HELLA Ecoline blinds by HELLAEcoline blinds by HELLA Ecoline blinds by HELLA

These retractable external venetian blinds are manufactured by HELLA, one of the leading European manufacturers of sun and weather protection systems.

Providing for full light when needed, continuous blacking out or fully retracted as desired, this fully automated, flexible and highly effective sun and privacy blind ensures optimum indoor climate comfort.

The Ecoline by HELLA range of adjustable, external blinds can be fully retracted allowing for unobstructed views.

When closed down the highly flexible aluminium slats increase energy efficiency, comfort and privacy of the environment.

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PO Box 300328

Albany, North Shore City, 0752

Tel: 09 415 4949

Fax: 09 415 4990

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