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Discreet fire protection

The Blazestop residential fire sprinkler system protects homes from the danger and destruction of fire.

Designed especially for the home environment, Blazestop uses the smallest and most discreet of sprinkler heads which are concealed in the ceiling.

Blazestop's flexible and non-corrosive piping is made from durable polybutylene, so it isn’t affected by scaling, corrosion, or microbiological growth and it doesn’t transmit noise. It links to the domestic water supply and is an affordable way to access the reassurance of a sprinkler system.

Blazestop can also be installed into new or existing homes.

This system from LEAP meets all New Zealand regulations for residential fire sprinklers.

Office locations

Head office

Leap Australasia

PO Box 38159

133 Gracefield Road

Seaview, Lower Hutt, 5045

Tel: 0800 246 810

Fax: 04 568 9423

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