The world premiere is already under way – in the social media

15 May 2016
The world premiere is already under way – in the social media

Axor kicks off its campaign for the new collection with Philippe Starck on Facebook

Philippe Starck is undoubtedly an exceptional designer – one whose contribution to bathroom design has become indelible. The salon d´eau set off the entire development which turned the bathroom into a space for living. The bathroom collections developed by Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe SE, together with Philippe Starck have become iconic milestones in bathroom design around the world. In this, the twentieth year of their successful collaboration, Axor and Starck will be jointly introducing a new bathroom collection that is bound to fundamentally change the way we interact with water and the way we experience water at the wash basin. It is a collection that appeals to both head and heart in equal measure.

Axor and Starck will be presenting the new collection to an audience of invited guests in Berlin in the middle of September; this official launch will be followed immediately with a presentation by Axor at the Cersaie trade fair in Bologna. For those who simply cannot wait that long, they now have an opportunity to get a feel for what this innovation is all about well before the world premiere.

On their new platform called “Head and Heart” – the motto for the new collection – which is part of Axor’s Facebook page, the designer brand is now presenting contributions published in the most popular social media by participants from across the globe. Updated several times a day, Axor’s “Head and Heart” page will show these contributions in an easy-to-read layout which is arranged according to topics, such as “Starck”, “Green”, “Innovation” or “Axor cooperation”.

Here, fans of the brand from around the world can explore the ideas that inspired the designer brand and Philippe Starck in the creation of their new collection in a playful, always up-to-date multimedia world. And, in this way, they can make their own contribution towards the premiere of this new, innovative collection a little bit earlier than everyone else.

After September 18 – the day on which Philippe Grohe and Philippe Starck will be presenting the Axor collection for the first time – Axor will be complementing the communications mix with its own web special featuring the new collection: still with daily updates from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, as well as all the information, images and animations about the new collection, and direct links to the web pages of Hansgrohe SE.

Axor has been active on Facebook for almost two years and communicates with more than 27,000 fans or friends from all over the world on a daily basis on topics such as water, design and architecture.

Axor campaign featuring the collection with Philippe Starck on Facebook:

Axor on Facebook:

Head & Heart web special (online from September 18, 2012):


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