The Talis Care product line together with Ecostat Comfort Care

15 May 2016
The Talis Care product line together with Ecostat Comfort Care

Improved comfort and safety at the wash basin and in the shower and bath tub Longer levers, intuitive operation, constant temperatures, large lettering: Hansgrohe Talis Care and Ecostat Comfort Care offer uncomplicated water pleasure

The Talis Care product line together with the Ecostat Comfort Care thermostat from the mixer and shower specialist Hansgrohe ( offer additional safety, comfort and ease of use in the bathroom. The well-designed mixer solutions are used wherever somebody needs assistance where the needs of the aged and frail are catered for, or where there are special requirements in terms of hygiene: in old people’s homes, hospitals, spa facilities and hospices. And also wherever there is a need for higher levels of comfort and safety, such as in kindergartens, hotels and dwellings accommodating multiple generations.

Talis Care: the ergonomic product line for the convenient use of water We can really only appreciate what it means to be restricted in one's movements or in one’s ability to perceive the world around us when we find ourselves in that situation. People in all age groups need practical support in their everyday lives, for example, when washing and taking a shower or a bath. Careful planning with regard to the details while designing a bathroom can make life easier. In addition to the durability that comes with Hansgrohe quality, Talis Care mixers also impress with their ergonomic design. The extra-long, angled operating lever can easily be controlled and requires minimum force. It moves easily, is located at a convenient height, and it can even be operated using elbows or forearms. Rounded shapes provide for additional safety.

Talis Care is the ideal choice for barrier-free or minimum-barrier bathrooms. Sanitation products in this line ensure future-proof bathroom planning and offer comfort for every generation. The Talis Care range for the wash basin consists of two single-lever mixers of different heights – ComfortZone 80 and ComfortZone 150 – which cater for differing space requirements above the wash basin. The range is complemented by a wall-mounted single-lever mixer, a mixer for the bath tub, and another model for the shower.

Ecostat Comfort Care protects against unpleasant surprises Elderly people – as well as those afflicted by certain illnesses – sometimes have difficulty judging temperatures correctly and therefore require special protection. Shower or bath tub mixers with complex controls often mean that a person only notices that something is wrong with the temperature when it is already too late. Ensuring a pleasant pre-set temperature – that is the job handled by Ecostat Comfort Care. The thermostat mixer keeps the individually chosen temperature at a constant level throughout the shower or bath. It mixes hot and cold water so as to maintain the chosen temperature. And it adjusts the hot/cold mix in the blink of an eye if there is a change in water pressure or temperature from the mains supply.

Ecostat Comfort Care: featuring sophisticated Hansgrohe inner workings To change the temperature to more than 40 degrees Celsius, the user first has to deactivate the safety lock by pressing a button. The austere styling from Hansgrohe is also particularly easy to clean. The slightly angled levers make for an ergonomical fit, and their shape makes for easy and convenient operation, even with soapy hands. In addition to effortless control, the colored, easy-to-read markings on the control elements for regulating water volume and temperature as well as for selecting individual users make these mixers very user-friendly.

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