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7 June 2016
ZCB & TV cabinet stand

Tired of the “pain in the neck” that TV placement above fireplaces can cause? Then let’s talk about practicalities, not fashion statements.

The Fireplace was recently approached by a more senior client that had his previous TV installed above his pride and joy Jetmaster fireplace, but with unpleasant consequences. Namely a stiff and sore neck after viewing his favourite armchair sport – Formula One racing.

This got us thinking.

Checking with a friendly orthopaedic surgeon as to the vagaries of ideal viewing heights for TV sets, we soon established that the placement of TV’s above fireplaces can, in fact, be quite detrimental and cause irritable neck strain. 

So what's the cure? Very simple as it turns out: place the TV set at or below eye level when seated.

The Fireplace is noted for innovative solutions to such challenges and in collusion with a friendly architect, we designed a special twin cabinet feature to accommodate not only the clients TV, but also his clean air approved Stovax wood fire. We call it the Side by Side.

Our specialised in-house CAD designer set about designing such a TV/fireplace combination and the end result is a fabulous combination that provides all of the previous fashion assets…but without the pain in the neck.

We have had so many approaches since, asking that this novel combination be made as an off the shelf product, that we have decided to incorporate this as an extension for our clean air approved Stovax Studio 2 wood fires.

Side by Side is such a great new product, The Fireplace has applied for a copyright to this design to keep its unique benefits as something special that we can offer to customers who value practicalities, as well as fashion.

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