Individuality calls for diversity!

15 May 2016
Individuality calls for diversity!
Axor collection

Axor paves the way for individuality thanks to a unique diversity of designers, concepts and collections.

Schiltach/Milan, April 2012. “For 111 years now, water has been at the center of all our endeavors. 40 years ago, we were one of the first companies in the sanitary industry to bring contemporary design to the bathroom. For 20 years now”, says Philippe Grohe, Head of the Axor brand at the Hansgrohe company, “we have developed our designer brand Axor to successfully cater for the luxury segment across the globe.”

Philippe Grohe summarises one of the convictions driving Axor: “Individuality calls for diversity!” Diversity arises from the unique selection of designers working with Axor. In close cooperation with them, Axor develops visionary concepts and bathroom collections for a sensible interaction with water. The variety of collections, their design and depth allow individuals to find their perfect personal solutions.

Water is at the core of a holistic perception of the bathroom Axor reflects the bathroom in a holistic way. Water is at the core – along with questions of how to handle and experience it sensually and functionally. The answers to these questions are versatile like individuals themselves. Peoples´ preferences, in turn, may give rise to solutions for the personal use and the architecture of the entire bathroom.

Diversity of selected design partners, concepts and collections Axor shares this holistic view with selected international architects and designers: Phoenix Design, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola as well as Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have all been Axor design partners for many years now. Each one of them contribute their own personality, perspective and philosophy in their individual cooperative ventures with Axor. The result: a multitude of unique concepts and collections. They do not only open up diverse ways of handling and experiencing water and of finding the “right” design. Besides, they also give inspiration for adapting the use and architecture of the space to personal requirements.

For example, the Axor Massaud collection sets new benchmarks for an original, sensual experience of water in its purest form. The mixers of this collection are unique shelf-sculptures. Apparantly dispossessed of technology, they let us experience water in a fascinating natural way as a water fall. With the modular system of the Axor ShowerCollection, Axor and Philippe Starck open up a diverse range of possibilities for combining and arranging square elements to handle water according to the user´s own preferences. The Axor ShowerCollection always portrays a perfect aesthetic image, no matter what particular arrangement you may opt for. As an open system, Axor Bouroullec offers an almost unlimited number of options for handling water, especially around the wash basin. Whether somebody wants a standard solution or is looking to free the mixer from its usual place in the rear centre of the washbasin – Axor Bouroullec offers ways to personalise your washplace like never before.

The Axor Urquiola collection combines poetic-eclectic design with additional functional elements, be it in the form of receptacles integrated into mixers or cutouts in the wash basins and bathtubs. They are not only reminiscent of the archetype of the washtub, they also serve the practical function of holding towels. The Axor Citterio collection redefines luxury in the bathroom, with its straight-line contours, elegance and perceived value. The special haptic characteristic of the handles contributes to the aware and appreciative use of the water.

As early as the development and design stage of a collection, the Axor brand also discusses spatial and utilisation concepts with its design partners. For example, architect and designer Antonio Citterio focuses mainly on the interplay between transparency and segmentation within different zones of the bathroom. Interior architect and designer Patricia Urquiola asks herself “what do I want to reveal in the bathroom and what do I want to keep private, which area within the bathroom do I want to myself, and where am I happy to share it with my partner or my family”. The initial impetus for developing a new way of looking at the bathroom as a living space came from the cooperation with Philippe Starck about 20 years ago, when we presented the Salon d´Eau – a bathroom which went way beyond the functional wet cell of former times, featuring the Axor Starck collection.

Special personal service: Axor Manufaktur The experts of the Axor Manufaktur make it their mission to turn individual special requests into reality – provided they are technologically feasible – both in the construction project business and for private customers. This is where hand-crafted, and customised versions of our regular range of mixers are built: mixers that are augmented with special finishes, extended or shortened mixers, or products featuring a customer’s initials, emblem, or company logo.

Quality, Innovation, Experience The diversity of what Axor offers prompt us to reflect on what we ourselves would consider essential, useful and aesthetically pleasing in our personal bathroom. Whichever options Axor customers choose, the uncompromising quality “Made in Germany”, the brand's unrivalled innovation and technological competence as well as Hansgrohe’s 111 years’ experience guarantee outstanding solutions for every aspect in the realisation of your individual perfect bathroom. They all contribute towards making life in and around the bathroom that little bit more meaningful and beautiful.

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