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15 May 2016
Axor Bouroullec

The Axor ShowerCollection and Axor Bouroullec provide personalised solutions for using water in different areas of the bathroom.

Schiltach/Milan, April 2012. “The bathroom provides us with a wealth of opportunities for creating our own personal space for well-being in every day life”, notes Philippe Grohe, Head of the Axor brand at the Hansgrohe company. “Therefore, it makes sense to ask ourselves what we really need in the bathroom functionally and emotionally, what gives us pleasure, and how we want to handle and experience water.”

After all, the functional requirements of how we handle water and our emotional experiences when interacting with water differ from one person to another. Axor Collections offer diverse possibilities to find your own perfect solutions. With the Axor ShowerCollection and Axor Bouroullec, the designer brand offers two collections that allow us to individualise different areas within the bathroom in a special way. New products are now available for both collections.

Axor ShowerCollection – “Haute Couture” for the shower The Axor ShowerCollection developed jointly by Axor and Philippe Starck opens up new possibilities for arranging and handling water in the shower in ways that suit your personal preferences. The key: an intelligent modular component system designed for easy, recessed installation. The individual modules – square elements such as shower modules, mixers and accessories – visible in front of the wall can be perfectly aligned.

The Axor ShowerCollection portrays a “cleaned up” and perfect aesthetic image for a more conventional arrangement of modules in a straight vertical line. To mount the various elements in a horizontal line represents an innovative solution, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The modules can be even arranged completely free. In any case, the Axor ShowerCollection has generated a decisive impetus for a re-evaluation of how to plan a personal shower solution. However users want to arrange their modules – the Axor ShowerCollection will always look picture-perfect.

The crowning shower experience is the luxurious overhead Axor ShowerHeaven. 12 x 12 cm shower modules can be installed as a stand-alone overhead shower, in a multiple-showerhead arrangement or strategically positioned as side, neck or overhead showers. Users inclined to forego the use of several smaller shower modules can now opt for the new overhead shower in the 24 x 24 cm format instead. It can be wall or ceiling-mounted. Depending on personal shower preferences, this overhead shower can be operated with relatively low water consumption: by default, with a flow rate of about 12 litres per minute, it still provides incredible shower pleasure thanks to the integrated AIR technology. But users also may have the flow rate changed to about 20 litres per minute. The collection now offers a new alternative for enjoying a neck massage, thanks to the multi-functional waterfall spout with integrated shelf. It can be fitted in the shower area as neck shower but also on the bathtub as a waterfall spout.

Axor Bouroullec – a new freedom at the wash basin As an open system, the Axor Bouroullec collection offers a new level of freedom to invidually tailor the personal washplace to its user’s functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. This collection provides an opportunity for each of us to find out how we want to handle water, and to realise the respective perfect individual solution. Many solutions free the mixer from its usual position at the centre rear rim of the wash basin.

With Axor Bouroullec, users can freely choose which spout they want, the type of levers and where the elements should be positioned for an arrangement that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to them. The elements can be positioned freely on one of the spacious shelves integrated into the wash basins, or outside the wet zone, in front of or next to the wash basin. New levers and spouts of different heights further extend the range of possibilities. For all those looking for an exceptional solution, there is a shelf that doubles as a mixer.

Shelves are key elements of Axor Bouroullec. Generously sized, and asymmetrical arranged at different levels around the wash basin and the bathtub, they give the wash stations their unmistakable appearance. They also form a functional landscape within the bathroom.

Axor Bouroullec mixers, wash basins, bathtub and accessories make up a complete collection with more than 90 products. They offer a diversity of possibilities to find your perfect personal solutions for all areas of the bathroom. Thanks to its unique minimalist-organic design, Axor Bouroullec harmoniously blends into a range of different settings.

To experience all the various options with Axor Bouroullec in a playful manner, Axor offers the Axor Bouroullec Composer. This is an online planning tool that provides a simple, quick and appealing visual display of all the potential solutions around the wash table and the bath tub.

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