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Acquello fireclay sinks - True Italian masterpieces
Acquello fireclay sinks - True Italian masterpieces

Handcrafted in Italy, Acquello is breathing new life into the world of ceramic sink design.

Inspired by tradition and designed with both the modern and classic setting in mind, Acquello’s beautiful fireclay sinks speak volumes with their clean, distinctive lines and lustrous glaze. Striking the perfect balance between durability and aesthetic appeal, they are designed for a seamless installation with a flat top and square corners. They are available in single or double models, in porcelain white or black “like a new Mercedes”.

Acquello have refined the conventional, shying away from the dowdy, curvaceous ceramic designs of the past, thus bringing the ceramic sink back to the forefront of modern kitchen design with this timeless collection.

Acquello sinks are supplied with a basket strainer waste and a customised rack to protect the sink bottom from heavy cookware.

In Residence
+64 9 309 3023

Posted on: 12 July 2011

Office locations

Head office

In Residence showroom

The Foundation

8 George Street

Parnell, Auckland, 1023

Tel: 09 309 3023

Fax: 09 309 3024

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