Whitecliffe Imports


Whitecliffe Imports is the leading Australian importer and wholesaler of contemporary rugs, broadloom carpets and modular tiles. Whitecliffe has an international reputation for quality, established through 40 years of providing timeless residential and commercial designs.

A source of iconic and bespoke design for contemporary living, Whitecliffe commits to innovation and style. The firm believes in prestige, precision and opulence, and prizes the bespoke, the lavish and the iconic.

Whitecliffe Imports

Whitecliffe Imports supplies modern, bespoke rugs, broadloom carpets and modular tiles for residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

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Regional Office/Distributor

Whitecliffe Imports

1B Chatsworth Road

Prahran East, Vic, 3181

Phone: 03 9510 0...

Head Office

Whitecliffe Imports

95–99 Bridge Road

Glebe, NSW, 2037

Phone: 02 9692 8...