Oblica was founded on the belief that a fire should be the beautiful and efficient heart of any home. Oblica distributes Europe’s best brands of wood heaters and fireplaces and the range covers suspended or hanging fireplaces and freestanding or inbuilt wood heaters. From the most contemporary designer fireplaces to the most efficient balanced flue wood heaters via custom made fireplaces Oblica selects models and brands that transcend function and make a real statement.
Oblica’s Melbourne showroom extend further in exploring the concept of Luxurious Comfort by also showcasing a range of outdoor fire pits, wood storage solutions, fire accessories and furniture.
Our brands include Focus, Skantherm, Invicta, Stuv, Kemp, Devialet, LifeSpaceJourney and our own Oblica range made in Melbourne.


Oblica distributes Europe’s best wood heaters and fireplaces, the range includes suspended or hanging fireplaces, freestanding furnaces and inbuilt wood heaters.

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