Melbourne Plantation Shutters


Established in 1993 by owner Pamela Batrouney to bring the highest quality Australian Made plantation shutters to the Melbourne, Victorian and Tasmanian market. The company formed its long-standing relationship with Open Shutters who manufacture the finest shutters in sustainable Western Red Cedar in their factory on the NSW Central Coast. Melbourne Plantation Shutters provides a complete installation design service to customer's existing homes and to architects and builders at early stages of a project. Their shutters are only installed by a fully qualified carpenter to create a seamless end result. The company specialises in various shapes and has a variety of blade sizes to suit any window type. The shutters are finished in either clear acrylic lacquer, stained or custom painted, Melbourne Plantation Shutters™ provide excellent customer service at every stage of the process. The company mantra: Style - Service - Quality - Value.

Melbourne Plantation Shutters

Melbourne Plantation Shutters™ specialises in designing high-quality installations of Australian manufactured Western Red Cedar plantation shutters by Open Shutters for internal and external use. Style - Service - Quality - Value.

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Melbourne Plantation Shutters

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Hawthorn, Vic, 3122

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