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Gibbon Group represent and distribute high quality floorcovering products with a sustainable focus ranging from carpet tiles and custom rugs to floorcovering accessories.

Gibbon Group are a family owned and operated company with 91 years of experience in wholesale distribution – with more than 60 of those years in floorcovering products.

Gibbon Group represent these quality brands: Tretford Cord Carpet, Desso Carpets, Intafloors Accessories.

Office locations

Head office

Gibbon Group

PO Box 5612

Brendale, QLD, 4500

Tel: 07 3881 1777

Fax: 07 3881 1716

Gibbon Group NSW

Rebecca Watt

Tel: 0400 245 100

Gibbon Group NZ

Kim Crossan

Tel: +64 9021 606 375

Gibbon Group Vic / SA

Adele Robertshaw

Tel: 0437 880 441

Gibbon Group WA

Tim Stacey

Tel: 0418 914 794

Gibbon Group Commercial / Retail Sales AUS

Gavin Smith

Tel: 0413 834 484

Gibbon Group NSW

Sonja Smith

Tel: 0437 880 443

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