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Di Emme is the stop for all your custom fabrication requirements. A highly creative, skilled & experienced team tuned to servicing the architectural, building & design industries, Di Emme offers a turnkey, concept development to completion service. For Custom Lighting, Screens, 3D/Sculptural elements, Water Features, Painted Finishes, Murals, Caviar Glassbeads, Metafinish metal coatings, Creative Branding & Fine Art Collaborations contact Di Emme to ensure individuality for all yo

Office locations

Head office

Di Emme Creative Solutions

Unit 3

87–89 Moore Street

Leichhardt, NSW, 2040

Tel: 02 9550 0811

Tel: 0403 254 201


Di Emme Creative Solutions

Eugénie Osterberg-Olsen


Tel: 04 0325 4200

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