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Decorative Imaging has delivered innovative finishing technology to the Australian building industry since 2004. Decorative Imaging leads the market in photo imaging and offers a pioneering range of finished aluminium building products.

DecoWood is a textured wood grain powder coating for aluminium windows, doors, decking, fences, gates, cladding, architectural features and more. Effortless, hard-wearing and beautiful, DecoWood resolves many of the issues associated with timber building products.

DecoArt reproduces custom and decorative images on powder coated aluminium. Popularly used for kitchen splashbacks and signage, DecoArt is low maintenance and highly durable.

An Australian-owned and operated family business, the team at all levels is committed to providing exceptional quality and customer service.

Decorative Imaging Pty Ltd

Australian-made building products for effortless, beautiful living. Find inspiration here.

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