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Artedomus is Australia’s leading supplier of exclusive, high quality stone, marble, mosaics, architectural ceramics and bathware for commercial and residential architectural projects. With a focus was on sourcing unique products that have a natural intrinsic beauty, Artedomus has an extensive collection of the highest quality marble and stone and a team of skilled stonemasons to create exceptional stonework by hand. Exclusive to us are INAX tiles, Palagio terracotta cladding & Agape Bath

Office locations

Head office


46A Euston Road

Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Tel: 02 9557 5060

Fax: 02 9557 5646


Domus Ceramics

476 Church Street

Richmond, Vic, 3121

Tel: 03 9428 9898

Fax: 03 9429 0300



837 Wellington St

West Perth, WA, 6008

Tel: 08 9226 0288

Fax: 08 9226 0790

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