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Alabaster quartz.
Alabaster terrazzo.
Ebony terrazzo.
Ivory quartz.
Ivory terrazzo.
Venice terrazzo tiles and slab Alabaster quartz. Alabaster quartz.Alabaster terrazzo. Alabaster terrazzo.Ebony terrazzo. Ebony terrazzo.Ivory quartz. Ivory quartz.Ivory terrazzo. Ivory terrazzo.

Venice terrazzo is refined and contemporary, the distinctive character and style forges a fresh take on retro terrazzo.

Each tile features only the finest natural stone aggregates of granite and marble. All natural raw materials create movement in tone, variation in exposed stones, and character unique to concrete terrazzo and slab surfaces. Venice is a great alternative to poured terrazzo and natural stone counters.

Venice can be used in a variety of applications, including commercial, retail and institutional interiors.

Collaborate with us: additional colours and sizes available. Custom colours can be created to suit your project needs. Custom size modules up to 48” (1200 mm) are also available to suit your specific project.

Slabs also available in Pacifica concrete countertops.

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