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Strong but lightweight Uni-Shape mouldings and columns complete this facade treatment.

Uni-Shape mouldings and columns offer a huge variety of stock mouldings in shapes and designs to match any vision or budget. Or you can create your own custom-designed Uni-Shape moulding by working directly with the skilled Unitex design and production team.

Uni-Shape mouldings are made from polymer-modified fibre reinforced lightweight cement-based solid components. Some designs have an inner EPS foam core which reduces their weight but not their strength. Quality checks are performed during the manufacturing process to ensure all mouldings are free from structural defects. During construction, Uni-Shape mouldings can be handled just like timber. They can be sawn to size, drilled, nailed and screw fixed. Once fixed to the facade, the mouldings can then be texture coated to match the colour and finish of the wall.

Uni-Shape columns are made from a lightweight centre with a reinforced coating of polymer-modified resins and cementitious minerals. Strong yet lightweight, the columns are easy to install in both load-bearing and non-load-bearing applications. Standard, tapered and fluted designs are available with a variety of capitals and bases to suit all architectural styles.

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