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Trimfresh example.
Airport application.
Flight Centre Bayside example.
Bamboodle example.
Access control.
Kiosk application.
Shopping centre restaurant application.
Food court application.
Factory application.
Warehouse application.
Trimfresh example.  Trimfresh example. Airport application. Airport application.Flight Centre Bayside example.  Flight Centre Bayside example. Bamboodle example.  Bamboodle example. Access control. Access control.Kiosk application. Kiosk application.Shopping centre restaurant application. Shopping centre restaurant application.Food court application. Food court application.

The S04-1 mobile trackless trellis barrier is a versatile system that facilitates a range of security options. The security barrier is suitable for access control for shopping malls, food courts, factory units, car parks, loading docks, function centres, sporting facilities, crowd control, partitioning and OH&S safety barriers. 

Features and benefits

  • Can be removed from its installed location for storage or use in a wide range of settings
  • Operates on a series of steel reinforced trolleys
  • Versatile width due to the modular nature of the system
  • Standard heights 2025 mm and 2525 mm, other heights available on request
  • Can be locked through a wall bracket arrangement, shootbolts drilled into the floor or into a precision cut stainless steel floor plate
  • Standard finishes include black satin or pearl white powdercoat – others available on request
  • Product available for hire
Sustainability attributes
Designed for disassembly. Locally made. Recyclable. Supported by take-back program. Packaging is reduced.

Office locations

Head office

The Australian Trellis Door Company

Unit A6

366 Edgar St

Condell Park, NSW, 2200

Tel: 02 9519 0844

Tel: 0412 904 744

Fax: 02 9519 0866


The Australian Trellis Door Company

Somerton Park, SA, 5044

Tel: 08 8374 0434


The Australian Trellis Door Company

315 Archerfield Road

Richlands, QLD, 4077

Tel: 07 3375 5855


The Australian Trellis Door Company

116 Wedgewood Rd

Hallam, Vic, 3803

Tel: 03 9796 5899


The Australian Trellis Door Company

203 Caridean St

Heathridge, WA, 6057

Tel: 08 9403 4806

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