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Rabbit Recopol™ shell.
Bubble Recopol™ shell.
Slink Recopol™ shell.
Skandia Recopol™ shell.
Mitt Sweptback Recopol™ shell.
Recopol™ tub shell.
Forum Recopol™ chair frame for upholstery.
Bravo Recopol™ shell.
Tab Recopol™ shell.
Rabbit Recopol™ shell. Rabbit Recopol™ shell.Bubble Recopol™ shell. Bubble Recopol™ shell.Slink Recopol™ shell. Slink Recopol™ shell.Skandia Recopol™ shell. Skandia Recopol™ shell.Mitt Sweptback Recopol™ shell. Mitt Sweptback Recopol™ shell.Recopol™ tub shell. Recopol™ tub shell.Forum Recopol™ chair frame for upholstery. Forum Recopol™ chair frame for upholstery.Bravo Recopol™ shell. Bravo Recopol™ shell.

Wharington International mould the Ecospecifier certified GreenTag ™ Recopol™ recycled engineering grade plastic mouldings. These moulding s are used for the internal framing of sustainable commercial furniture to replace non-sustainable and labour intensive internal framing. Specifying Recopol™ internal framing is redeeming hard plastics from the pre and post consumer waste stream to create a new medium for professional furniture designer/makers supplying quality sustainable furniture into the expanding Green Building market.

Recopol™ has both economical and low environmental impacts with low tooling costs, low embodied water, low VOCs, and low energy consumption used in production. All recyclate is sourced locally. Recopol™ mouldings can be worked with traditional timber tooling to re-shape the mouldings into an infinite number of designs. Looking for a new custom design, Wharington manufactures the tooling in our engineering plant.

Wharington have been moulding with recycled engineering grade plastics for over 35 years and have moulded tens of thousands of chair shells for the Australian furniture manufacturing industry.

Wharington International manufactures all products under their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Wharington have an Environmental Pledge to take back all their mouldings at end-of-life and all Recopol™ off-cuts from production for re-manufacture.

Sustainability attributes
ISO 14001 compliant. Emits low VOCs. Designed for disassembly. Locally made. Post-consumer recycled content. Post-industrial recycled content. Recyclable. Production waste is recyclable. Supported by take-back program. Ecospecifier rated. Low formaldehyde emission (E0) option. GreenTag Certified Gold. GreenTag GreenRate level A.

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