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Linear Matrix LED lighting engine Linear Matrix LED lighting engine Linear Matrix LED lighting engine

Imagine placing light in places where light cannot logically exist, with the new Linear Matrix lighting engine it is now possible. The pure white, high lumen output of the new Linear Matrix lighting engine means that light can be placed where it is most required. A boarder free design gives 100% illumination, edge to edge.

With an 18 month warranty on the LED driver, a 3 year warranty on the LED illumination and a durability that means you will only have to service your lighting engine once every 13 years (when used 18 hours a day, 7 days a week), the Linear Matrix lighting engine is a worry free answer to your lighting needs.

A super flat profile of only 12 mm means that the Linear Matrix lighting engine can be used in a multitude of applications, including:

  • inside cabinet/cupboard lighting,
  • illuminated walls,
  • wall dividers,
  • domestic and commercial entrance lighting,
  • bathroom vanity lighting,
  • illuminated bar shelving,
  • elevator or dumb waiter lighting,
  • illuminated flooring/stairs,
  • above, below or even behind any product display lighting application.

All units are custom made as required in Australia using the highest grade LED’s and materials and backed with an unbeatable 3 year illumination warranty.

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