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There is increasing demand for creating sustainable building solutions. Knauf offers a wide range of smart and affordable living solutions which meet environmental, quality and performance standards. Knauf solutions possess the characteristics required to be incorporated in to sustainable building projects, delivering on design, product performance and durability, over the life of the building.

A range of Knauf products are independently certified by Global GreenTag to GreenRate Level A, and will achieve 100% of the Green Star points within the relevant materials categories.

The first GreenRate Level A certified perforated plasterboard:

  • Designpanel
  • QuadShield
  • ImpactShield
  • MultiShield
  • FireShield
  • SoundShield
  • WaterShield
  • CurveShield
  • MastaShield 
  • SpanShield

For your Green Star project design use Knauf’s range of GreenTag GreenRate certified plasterboard products.

  • Achieve 100% Green Star points for the relevant materials categories .
  • Low VOC meeting the IEQ credit criteria.
  • Reduce internal noise levels with sound insulation, diffusion and absorption solutions.
  • Design solutions for aesthetics as well as for fire, impact and water resistance.
  • Deliver on design, performance and durability for the life of your building.
  • Lightweight, economical and easy to install.

Find out more about Knauf's product range by visiting their website using the link below.

Sustainability attributes
Designed for disassembly. Recyclable.

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