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INAX Arenaleaf tile.
INAX Hosowari Border tile.
INAX Fourefle tile.
INAX Yohen Border tile.
INAX Repeat Wave tile.
INAX louvres.
INAX Lascave.
INAX Rhythmic II.
INAX Rodeat.
INAX Dent Cube.
INAX Arenaleaf tile. INAX Arenaleaf tile.INAX Hosowari Border tile. INAX Hosowari Border tile.INAX Fourefle tile. INAX Fourefle tile.INAX Yohen Border tile. INAX Yohen Border tile.INAX Repeat Wave tile. INAX Repeat Wave tile.INAX louvres. INAX louvres.INAX Lascave. INAX Lascave.INAX Rhythmic II. INAX Rhythmic II.

Recognised for its innovative range of interior and exterior architectural ceramics that embody superb manufacturing and leading designs by traditional artisans, INAX is defined by its rich history and deep connection to Japanese culture.

Inspired by subtle, natural beauty, with a focus on texture and traditional colours, INAX provides high quality, contemporary yet timeless ceramic tiles that have been rigorously tested over many years.

Based in Tokoname, the ancient city reowned for Japanese pottery, INAX was founded with Frank Lloyd Wright after producing the terracotta for the famous Imperial Hotel, Tokyo in 1924.

INAX ceramics are exclusive to Artedomus.

Sustainability attributes
ISO 14001 compliant. Biodegradable. Post-consumer recycled content. Post-industrial recycled content. Recyclable. Production waste is recyclable.

Office locations

Head office


46A Euston Road

Alexandria, NSW, 2015

Tel: 02 9557 5060

Fax: 02 9557 5646


Domus Ceramics

476 Church Street

Richmond, Vic, 3121

Tel: 03 9428 9898

Fax: 03 9429 0300



837 Wellington St

West Perth, WA, 6008

Tel: 08 9226 0288

Fax: 08 9226 0790



Level 1, 925 Ann St

Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006

Tel: 07 3366 6878

Fax: 3366 6998

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