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The SolarBrick® is a self-contained LED solar powered light designed for traffic and decorative uses. This device is waterproof, easy to install and can be driven over by vehicles. The SolarBrick is available in 6 bright colours. It comes in 4 standard sizes, 200x200mm square, 200x100mm rectangular, 100x100mm small square and 100mm round. All sizes are 60mm in height.

The SolarBrick uses an ultracapacitor called the EnergyCache™ to store its charge. The EnergyCache enables the SolarBrick to be used in any environment without maintenance for more than 10 years.

The SolarBrick Logo can be customised to display a logo, direction or other design. Along with all the advantages of the regular SolarBrick, the SolarBrick Logo allows you to communicate a message.

The Solarbeam® Series consists of a range of long life solar powered guiding and navigation lights for the road, civil structures, in virtually any outdoor environment. They require no maintenance, have a long life of more than 10 years and work within a wide operating temperature range.

The Solarbeam Series use the very latest technology in energy storage called the EnergyCache. The EnergyCache contains no environmentally damaging components, has a wide operating temperature range and lasts more than 100,000 charge/discharge cycles.

The Solarbeam Series is water resistant, constructed with durable polycarbonate or molded aluminium alloy housing and comes in a range of colors with 2 illumination modes.

The GroundFlasher is a solar powered guiding and navigation light. It requires no maintenance, has a long life of more than 10 years and works within a wide operating temperature range.

Sustainability attributes
Reduces heating or cooling load. Reduces energy consumption.

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