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Gyprock Fyrchek™ can be used in wall and ceiling systems where fire resistance is needed.

CSR GFC fire-rated systems have been tested or assessed to AS1530.4 : 1990 or 1997 at approved testing laboratories. Test reports and assessments are available on request. CSR GFC has developed systems with 'Fire Resistance Levels' (FRL) up to -/180/180 (3 hours). The systems and performance specifications detailed in this manual are guaranteed only for the construction specified.

Any variation or substitution of materials or assembly requirements, or any compromise in assembly may result in failure under critical conditions. It is recommended that only accredited plasterboard fixers install fire rated systems. CSR is continuously developing its products, which may result in changes to product specifications, range and performance.

Gyprock™ Party Wall Systems fire resistance

Gyprock™ Party Wall comprises a double frame wall with a fire barrier between the frames. The basis of the fire performance is a central 25-mm fire barrier that provides a primary fire resistance. This allows the wall linings to be installed as per normal decorative linings and to incorporate penetrations.

Gyprock StrataWall™ fire resistance

The fire performance is due primarily to the fire barrier consisting of two layers of 25-mm Gyprock Shaft Liner panel between 50-mm H-studs.

Gyprock Fyrchek™ can be used in wall and ceiling systems where fire resistance is to be achieved and is useful where improved acoustic performance is required. Gyprock Fyrchek™ is a machine-made sheet composed of a specially processed glass-fibre-reinforced gypsum core encased in a heavy-duty linerboard, which is pink on the front face.

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