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Typical perceived sound transmission through Gyprock Soundchek systems.

Sound striking a solid surface causes the surface to vibrate, just as the eardrum vibrates when it is met by a sound wave. Impact noise, like footsteps or vibrations from appliances, air-conditioning units or plumbing can also induce vibrations in a structure. Many household sounds, such as those from dishwashers, tumble dryers and plumbing, travel better through the structure than through the air. For this reason, CSR Gyprock has developed a range of systems to reduce the structure-borne transmission of sound. Sound transmission is effected by the ability of the surface to reflect sound and the ability of the structure to absorb it.

Different sounds require different solutions. Impact noise will be directly transmitted through the structure unless it is dissipated or damped. Airborne noise will be reflected by the surface but needs to be dissipated by the structure as much as possible, over the range of problem frequencies. Noise management designs need to take a composite system approach by reducing the sound transmission at all possible leakage points. Direct leaks through gaps under doors or via flanking paths through ceiling perimeters or wall junctions can have a serious detrimental effect on the sound insulation performance of a wall or ceiling.

Acoustic integrity

The acoustic integrity of a system can be influenced by the combination of elements that make up the system. Single-leaf and uninsulated systems are more dependent on high-quality installation, as relatively minor defects can cause major degradation of the system performance. Building systems that allow defects to be hidden from view have a higher chance of gaps being left unsealed, making them more vulnerable to performance degradation.

Where the background noise level is low, such as in remote areas, consideration should be given to providing a higher than standard level of sound insulation.

Gyprock acoustic wall systems include the following ranges:

  • Cinema Wall System
  • Soundchek system for homes
  • Gyprock StrataWall™
  • Party Wall System

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