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Eternal Wood Decibel 11762.
Sarlon Quartz Opus 432605.
Sarlon Quartz Opus 432616 and 432610.
Sarlon Tech 43265.
Sarlon Traffic Boreal 43308.
Sarlon Traffic Hoggar 43440 and 43449.
Eternal Wood Decibel 11762. Eternal Wood Decibel 11762.Sarlon Quartz Opus 432605. Sarlon Quartz Opus 432605.Sarlon Quartz Opus 432616 and 432610. Sarlon Quartz Opus 432616 and 432610.Sarlon Tech 43265. Sarlon Tech 43265.Sarlon Traffic Boreal 43308. Sarlon Traffic Boreal 43308.Sarlon Traffic Hoggar 43440 and 43449. Sarlon Traffic Hoggar 43440 and 43449.

The Forbo acoustic project vinyl collection is the result of decades of acoustic experience and the installation of millions of square metres in demanding project environments worldwide. Forbo Flooring is the only resilient floor manufacturer to have built an accredited on-site official acoustic test laboratory. In house testing and frequent control of products produced ensure high and constant acoustic quality. Each product range in the collection offers truly unique solutions for high acoustic performance combined with optimal resistance to indentation. There is a choice of 103 colours across different designs, making this the most comprehensive collection of its kind in the world.

The purpose of floor covering is to contribute to reducing low impact sound within a building, resulting in a more comfortable environment. The floor coverings in the Forbo acoustic vinyl collection have been developed and test to maximize impact sound reduction white meeting the needs of heavy traffic commercial areas. Acoustic performance is determined by various criteria. Forbo acoustic project vinyls contribute to lowering noise disturbance in multiple ways: impact sound reduction and in-room impact noise.

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  • Eternal Wood Decibel

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