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Winner - Environmental Solution of the Year.
Eco-Terrazz vinyl tiles Winner - Environmental Solution of the Year. Winner - Environmental Solution of the Year.

Combining high recycled content with Excelon Tile, Eco-Terrazz offers sustainability, strength and durability. The result is a vinyl tile that offers a greener flooring option along with the performance features of our market leading Excelon Tile.

Eco-Terrazz was acknowledged in the 2012 Manufacturers Monthly Endeavor Awards:

Winner - Environmental Solution of the Year
Highly Recommended - Australian Consumer / Trade Product of the Year

  • Eco-Terrazz is manufactured using up to 60% recycled / reused materials, including End of Life (EOL) material recovered after being removed, primarily from the floors of supermarkets and department stores.
  • Tile (300 mm × 300 mm) format offers unlimited, yet simple, design options.
  • Colours and designs to complement Excelon Designer and Terrazz ranges.
  • Available in 2.0 mm gauge to meet performance and budget needs.
  • Applications: office, retail environment, education and healthcare.

Note: stocks of Eco-Terrazz may be limited due to availability of EOL material, please contact your representative or customer service for further information.

Sustainability attributes
ISO 14001 compliant. Emits low VOCs. Salvaged/reused product. Locally made. Post-consumer recycled content. Post-industrial recycled content. Recyclable. Production waste is recyclable. Supported by take-back program.

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