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Intrwall (formerly Eurekawall) – the next generation of separating walls for apartment buildings.
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  • Satisfies Building Code of Australia acoustic provisions for separating walls in Class 1 buildings of Rw = 45dB, Rw = 50dB and Rw + Ctr = 50dB.
  • Achieves Building Code of Australia requirements of Rw = 30dB and Rw + Ctr = 25dB or R = 45dB and Rw + Ctr = 40dB acoustic separation of adjoining soil and waste pipes within the cavity.
  • As the primary fire barrier (the ShaftLINER™ membrane) is located in the cavity between the frames, the system permits easy inclusion of services such as water and waste pipes, electrical and communications cables.
  • System provides Fire Resistance Levels (FRL) of 60/60/60 and 90/90/90 with the structural adequacy and load bearing capacity being provided by the wall frame of the unit on the other side of the PartiWALL® membrane to a fire affected unit.
  • Modular construction of ShaftLINER™ membrane permits easy installation at framing stage - no additional trades are required.
  • Internal faces lined and finished as per normal finishing sequence.
  • Cost effective and fast to construct.
  • Outperforms masonry party walls for speed and flexibility of construction.
  • No wet trades are required.


The FireClad® System affords the flexibility of using steel structural and cladding components in a very cost effective and attractive system as an alternative to, or in combination with, concrete or masonry construction. FireClad® has been used successfully by several pre- engineered industrial building companies.

Good news to both large and small steel framed building fabricators, the FireClad® System is also easy to assemble. Pre-assembly and tilt up crane erection, complete with frame and cladding, enables easy FireClads System installation where proximity to adjoining buildings prevents conventional construction methods.

The FireClad® System is also ideal for refurbishments and building upgrades. Existing buildings that are adjacent to new construction may be required to have upgraded fire resistance. This can be achieved using the FireClad® System without having to replace the existing steel frame. Remove the cladding, apply the Firestop Plasterboard and other components, and then replace the cladding for a low cost, fire resistant external wall. The system can also be constructed above a dado height concrete wall whilst still retaining the fire rating. This means that money is only spent on expensive walling where required, not over the whole area, thus minimizing building costs.


  • Lightweight construction.
  • Low-cost alternative to brick wall construction.
  • Standard load bearing timber stud wall construction.
  • Provides fire resistance from the outside of 1 or 1.5 hours to external load bearing timber framed walls.
  • Can extend existing buildings to boundary and meet BCA required fire resistance rating.

Intrwall™ (formerly Eurekawall™)

Lightweight panelized construction

  • Speedy installation.
  • Reduced sizes of building elements and therefore reduced cost of building structure and foundations.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Components are easily manhandled without the need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • All components can be installed by the plasterer – no additional trades required and therefore easier trade coordination.
  • No need for wet trades and therefore less mess on site.
  • Reduced number of crane lifts (TBC on project basis).
  • Limiting wall height can be increased by reducing stud spacings.
  • Lower embodied energy as compared to heavy-weight construction (TBC on system by system basis).

Narrow width

  • Increased ‘lettable space.’

IBS rod has been removed in some systems

  • Easier installation details compared to Eurekawall®.
  • Reduced installed costs.
  • Easier quality inspection compared to Eurekawall®.

Wall cavities are present on one or both sides of the system

  • Services can be easily incorporated within the system.

The bulk of fire separation is provided by the Shaftliner panels

  • Standard installation details are used for internal linings in cavity walls.
  • Service penetrations in internal linings do not need to be fire rated.

Fire and acoustic tests have been carried out by CSIRO

  • CSIRO test results and opinions are available to support claimed fire and acoustic ratings.
  • FRLs up to -/120/120.
  • Proven acoustic ratings up to Rw = 68 dB (Rw + Ctr = 56dB).

IntRwall™ system has been patented

  • The system cannot be easily copied by competitors.
  • IntRwall™ predecessor Eurekawall was developed by Boral in 2002.
  • Boral developed a high level of expertise in the system.
  • Boral technical and sales teams can provide a high level of technical support.
  • A large number of construction details have been developed to suit various design requirements.


Boral Multiframe™ offers designers and builders of low rise apartment buildings a lightweight alternative to traditional concrete and masonry construction.

A complete construction solution, Multiframe comprises a range of timber framed fire rated and acoustic wall and ceiling systems complying with the Building Code of Australia requirements for Class 2 buildings.

Benefits of the Multiframe system:

  • Lower cost of wall and floor systems as compared to concrete and masonary construction.
  • No need for heavy lifting equipment.
  • Ready availability of material and skills.
  • Flexibility of design and construction.
  • Ease of installation of electrical and plumbing services.
  • Use of plantation timber reduces impact on the environment.
  • Meets BCA Fire, Acoustic and Thermal Rating requirements.
  • Systems available with acoustic performance above BCA requirements.

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