Woodn cladding used to great effect in Italian shopping centre

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12 May 2015
Woodn modulatus cladding was interspersed with neon tubes to create a striking look in the shopping centre.

The walls and ceiling of Centro Sarca Mall in Italy were designed using a large number of Woodn profiles interspersed with neon tubes, which created an atmosphere of different colours and reflections that draws on sci-fi scenarios and abstract perspectives.

The Woodn composite material reacts very well to neon light, because it creates an intense, rugged and diffuse brightness, while maintaining its own "wooden" quality able to offer a personality of its own. A subtle light trail leads from the car park to the lobby, highlighting the geometric grooves created by the profiles on the walls.

Woodn Modulatus profiles were used for the project, with customized colour and smooth finishes to optimize the reflective qualities in the material. Over 2000 square metres were covered with Woodn materials, and six different lengths for the profiles to fit in with the project.

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