Unlawful duplication of the Ned Kelly®

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24 July 2012
Ned Kelly® vertical bike parking rail from Bicycle Network.

It’s got be the real Ned Kelly®. It’s the best vertical bike parking rail in the business.

Over 15 years as the market leader and still manufactured and supplied by the original designer, Bicycle Network, and its Bike Parking Experts division.

As bike riding grows by the day, the need for bike parking expands rapidly. New suppliers have entered the market with various designs, challenging our Ned Kelly® to a showdown.

And they have come off second best.

But it gets worse. Unlawful Ned Kelly® copies have appeared. And Ned is not happy.

Inferior, second-rate copies of the Ned Kelly® vertical bike parking rail have appeared on the market, pretending to be the genuine item and trying fool customers into thinking they are getting the genuine Bicycle Network supplied article.

We’ve instigated legal action but the real power to do the right thing lies with you, the customer.

Make no mistake, the Ned Kelly® bike parking rail is a proprietary product. It is the intellectual property of Bicycle Network. If another manufacturer makes an unauthorised copy, they are acting unlawfully and infringing our own intellectual property rights.

If you encounter a product calling itself a Ned Kelly®, looking exactly like a Ned Kelly® or passing itself off as a Ned Kelly® and it’s not from Bicycle Network, be aware that they are not manufactured, supplied or licenced by us.

They are not the real Ned Kelly®. The ramifications may include:

  • Failure to meet AS2890.3 (the Australian Standard for Bicycle Parking Facilities)
  • Possible structural and/or aesthetic damage to the end user’s property
  • Potential premature failure or material faults

Make sure you deal only with the people who really know their stuff and have the quality products to match their expertise.

The Bike Parking Experts

The Bike Parking Experts specialise in bicycle fixing rails, bike parking racks and associated metalwork for the building and construction industry, including the Ned Kelly® wall mounted rail. We are the leaders in convenience, compliance and cost.

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